A Literacy agreement was drawn up by all staff from an Operational Plan developed by the Literacy Coordinator. The focus is on student learning and explicit teaching of all components for each year level of the Western Australian Curriculum.

The integration of ICT for Viewing and Reading use the iPads to express and enhance literacy learning. Reading Eggs and Sound Waves use ICT and hard copy materials. A reading awards program is a whole school program designed to give our students a love for books and reading with Certificates given to acknowledge the books children have read each term.

We celebrate Literacy Week by holding a Book Character parade and a book swap. Classes then rotate for differing literacy lessons with different teachers. The visit of an author each year is one of the highlights of the week.

We regularly update our reading resources that support visual literacy learning. Our Library caters for each child’s needs and reading levels, by being an inspiring space to visit and relax while reading.

Students are catered for at all levels by Mini-Lit and Multi-Lit, a school based program which is supported by pre-service teachers and Connect school volunteers. This voluntary work is highly valued at Hilton with increased success rates for children who need each support in reading.

Each student in the school is assessed and then reads at their level in Guided Reading sessions and through the Home Reading program. We assess using the Education Department’s Bright Path Program and the national NAPLAN assessment in Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation and Reading Comprehension. Our Pre-Primary students on entry testing give us vital information for the ongoing years of education.

Students who show high aptitude or interest in Writing in upper primary are involved with the Talented Young Writer’s Program at the Fremantle Literature Centre.


The Maths profile for Hilton Primary has lifted in the past two years with an emphasis on Numeracy. Teachers plan and assess in Maths using the Western Australian curriculum. The whole school policy to use the iSTAR teaching method of connected practice is based on John Hattie’s understanding that the teacher is the ‘change agent’ in a child’s learning. It informs students of the language of learning. The acronym iSTAR stands for:






These components of each lesson are contained in a Numeracy Block held each day by each class.

The school resources implemented by the whole school Operational Plans for Numeracy are ORIGO Stepping Stones Maths program and Mathletics. Concrete resources are managed by the Numeracy coordinator with whole school problem solving strategies being taught explicitly and in rotational order across each year level. We celebrate Numeracy week and 100Days of school by rotating classes and inviting parents to join us in the endeavours.

Music & Drama

Hilton Primary School’s priorities include Music and Drama, so we employ a Specialist teacher in these Arts.

The students participate in a diverse array of musical and drama experiences as performers and audience members. The Music lessons are taught from Year 1 to Year 6 and engage students in singing, playing, listening and movement activities.

All Drama lessons teach children to make and respond to improvisation, character development and script work.

The skills and expertise taught and then learnt is on public display as students participate in a NAIDOC concert each year, which showcases their abilities set in music and drama. The Year 4-6 Choir rehearse weekly and perform at a number of events which include; ANZAC Day, the Melville Sing Fest, Book Week Assembly and Christmas Carols in the local community and at Hilton’s Christmas Concert, Book Awards Ceremony and Graduation Ceremony. The Fremantle Festival is a highlight of the school year when our students participate in the varying themes and subjects which are being highlighted each year in Fremantle.

The Year 1-6 students are given the opportunity to learn with incursions by Musica Viva and Opera WA. The 10 week EduDance concert with the accompanying concert for the parents is a hugely anticipated event at our school.

Our Music Drama and Visual Arts program is a priority at Hilton Primary and we encourage all students to be in touch with their ‘creative side’.

Physical Education

Our Specialist Sports teacher’s focus on skills for Athletics Carnivals and Interschool carnivals is seeing Hilton progress in an important area of well-being for all students – physical activity. The Fundamental Movement skills program for Years 1-3 and teaching strategies in game situations and teamwork skills for Years 4-6, is having an impact on the students’ ability to perform and strategize in team games.

Our students compete in the school’s Athletics Carnival and at a number of interschool carnivals, which include lightning carnivals in football and netball; athletics carnivals and cross country runs. The school competes with other schools in the Fremantle District Schools Sports Association.

Specialist sport sessions are a highlight of our school sports program welcoming; the Wildcats, SEDA students, Gymnastics WA, Athletics WA and the Nick Corrigan soccer program.


Hilton Primary Science program has been a collaborative process between the Science Curriculum Coordinator, the teaching staff and CSIRO. The Year 1- Year 6 teachers planned and assessed using the WA Science Curriculum which aligns with the Primary Connections resource books and online materials and the whole school Five E’s approach to learning; Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate.

Science Week is celebrated with the expertise of teaching staff, parents and the University of WA, who all collaborate to bring meaningful experiments and learning to each child. We are conscious of current trends in Science teaching and resource the school accordingly. The school has recently applied for a state government grant to resource and stock our specialist Science room.

Hilton has been working closely with the CSIRO Scientists in Schools (SIS) and CSIRO Sustainable Futures which is Scitech based. These programs have been operating at Hilton Primary for over ten years.

Visual Arts

Art is taught through the Units of Inquiry, which may focus on a particular Art Form, Event or Theme. This allows for integration across the curriculum. Through these units students are given time to experiment with materials and techniques using the elements of Art and Design; with a focus on processes, so that new skills and knowledge can be developed. Underlying all art activities are the opportunities to make creative choices and problem solve through critical thinking.

In Visual Arts there has been a specific focus on collaborative art work. Students began the year with a whole school unit on Sculpture. In class, they worked on Collaborative Sculptures, which culminated in a Sculpture by Bush Exhibition. The students visited ‘Sculptures by the Sea’ as inspiration.

Year 5/6 students took part in the annual Gwenyth Ewan Art Awards, where they created a pencil drawing of one of Fremantle’s Historic Buildings. This began another Whole School Unit called “Buildings Speak”, on which all students worked.

Other collaborative activities, have included, class paintings for NAIDOC week and a Science Art project based around ‘Take Three for the Sea’ campaign.

Year 4 took part in the We are 10’ project and created an artwork relevant to their lives.

A collaborative project between our Art program, local artists and our Aboriginal Reference Committee has been the doors project, where students have completed a Unit on Birds, some of these will be used in designs, which will be painted onto classroom doors.

The Arts, is a focus area at Hilton Primary School, with exciting projects which inspire students to create art which expresses who they are and their understanding of the world around them.


Hilton Primary School is a partner Teacher Development School with Beaconsfield in STEM professional learning for teachers.  Our two STEM coordinatoring teachers (Alana Hearn and Abby Strange) presented at 2017 STEM Innovation Expo at the Crown Ballroom. We also participated in a practical parent development workshop at Beaconsfield Primary where we showcased a student led exhibition in collaboration with our partner school.

 STEAM at Hilton is integrated across all Learning Areas with professional learning, peer collaboration and mentoring for staff. We share a whole school planning document which includes the use of robotics and digital technology: Spheros, Dash & Dot, Lego WeDo, Makey makey and Osmo. The Coding programs introduced and taught at Hilton are Scratch and Code.Org.

We offer each year level, the STEM lunchtime club run by Abby Strange and Kirsty Adair. In conjunction with Young Engineers we offer extension classes after school for children from Year 3-Year 6. Understanding girls lack of exposure and disinterest often in STEM subjects we partnered with the University of WA to bring ROBOGALS to the school for an incursion. During Open Night this year we set STEM Family Challenges and student demonstrations of digital and designer technology. This has lifted the profile of our STEAM program at Hilton PS.

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