Our Staff

Carmel Bochenek


Jan Luff

Deputy Principal

(On leave Term 2)

Nicola Sparkes

Deputy Principal

Sarah Fitt

Manager Corporate Services

Ann Taylor

School Officer

John Thompson

Psychologist (Fortnightly on Tuesday - Odd Weeks)

Samantha Wilson

Chaplain (Tuesday and Thursday)

Carol Stevens

Kindy (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Rebecca Atkinson

Kindy (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

Silvana Piper

Kindy and Pre-Primary

Chris Sims

Kindy & Pre-Primary (Wednesday)

Abby Strange


Calida Tacken

Pre-Primary (Wednesday)

Tilly Catchpole

Year 1/2 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Genevieve Churack

Year 2 (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Kirsty Adair

Year 2 (Thursday and Friday)

Erin Davey

Year 4 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Claire Saunders

Year 4 (Friday)​  Physical Education (Thursday)

Fiona Blaauw

Art (Wednesday and Thursday)

Annique Buckland

Music (Wednesday and Thursday) Year 1/2 (Friday)

Koren Bryan

Languages - Italian (Monday and Tuesday)

(on leave Term 2)

Katrina Smith

Physical Education (Friday)

Susan Catalano

Library Officer (Thursday and Friday)

Jess Phillips

Education Assistant (Kindy)

Carley Phillips

Education Assistant (Kindy and Pre-Primary)

Lisa Tiernan

Education Assistant (Pre-Primary)

Anita Gibson

Education Assistant (Pre-Primary)

Alana Nicolle

Education Assistant (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

Ossie Ford

Education Assistant and AIEO (Monday to Thursday)

Rhys Hussey

Gardener (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)

Dot Ellis

Head Cleaner

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