Principals Message

Dear Hilton Families,

It is a delight to be back at Hilton Primary School for 2020 and to welcome our students, families and staff. On behalf of our school community, I extend a sincere welcome to new students and their families. We trust that your time at Hilton will be happy and productive. I know you will also be welcomed by our friendly and helpful families.

Here are some of our happy Hilton Week 1 faces. It is lovely to see the Pre-Primary to Year 6 children wearing their Hilton uniforms. Some of the Kindy children have also chosen to do so. They look so grown up!

We now have 240 children enrolled for the 2020 school year at Hilton. This week we will complete the 2020 student Census which determines our student centred funding for 2020. It is very important that your children are at school this week so that they can be included in the Census and our school funded appropriately.

Please contact the office on 6458 7900 any time your child is not able to attend.


After some changes during the Christmas break, our classes and teaching staff for 2020 are as follows:

We are well supported by our Office, Grounds, Cleaning, IT, Library and visiting specialist staff, as follows:

In most classes, Term 1 will include some revision and review of 2019 teaching and learning. Parents/Carers are encouraged to access the Semester 2, 2019 school reports (via CONNECT) or to request a print copy, if you have not already done so.


Ear Bus: we are fortunate to have the Free Ear Bus visiting us this week and next, to examine the ears and hearing of selected students. Families will be asked to sign consent forms for their children. Parents and Carers are very welcome to visit the Ear Bus for their children’s assessments and follow up planning.

Health Care Plans: All families are reminded that students’ Health Care Plans need to be updated annually. Please ask your GP for an updated plan for asthma, allergy or other medical conditions asap and submit these at the school office. In the interests of diligent care, all staff are informed of students’ medical plans, each year.

Nut-Free and Nut-Aware schools: As our school grows & changes, we review our practices about allergens. During 2020, the Kindergarten and Pre-Primary classes and outside learning areas will be “Nut free” whilst all areas of our school are “Nut Aware”. We thank you for your support in teaching all children to be safe and considerate of their peers.

Maintenance: You may have noticed the new carpets and some paint work in Rooms 1,5,6,7 and 9. The “Movable Door: between rooms 4 and 5 is due for installation this week. Thank you to every child, staff Member and /parents/carers who has supported us through this tricky time.


To establish our home-school communications for 2020,many of you will have already met your child’s teacher. In addition, each class teacher will offer a parent information meeting during the next fortnight. Please note that the class meeting is to clarify connections between the Department of Education priorities and our Hilton Primary School focus for 2020. Teachers will give an overview of their class program and routines as well as invite questions from parents and carers. You are respectfully reminded to make a private appointment to discuss the particular strengths and needs of your child. Parents of students with addition needs or learning risk factors will also be invited to attend case meetings during the year. Please note that class teachers are the first person to contact with any questions or concerns. You are also welcome to contact me by phone or email any time you have concerns or ideas to share.

Once again, our Hilton PS School Board, P & C, Grounds Committee will be working to support our whole school priorities this year. Please contact the school office or one of our parents if you are interested in joining these important groups. Our first P & C Meeting for the year is scheduled for Monday 17thFebruary at 7pm, in the Art Room. This is an open meeting so new families are particularly encouraged to come and join us.

We look forward to welcoming all of our families at a ‘Welcome Picnic’ on Friday 20th February. Details TBC.


In line with DoEWA policy via Focus 2020, our staff began the year with collaborative discussion about our focus to:

“Every School, Every Classroom, Every Day.”

Staff also participated in a whole school professional learning event about the teaching of structured, synthetic phonics via the Letters & Sounds program. This teaching includes the use of decodable reading books and the use of Letters & Sounds resources which you will see in each classroom. Thanks to our P & C for their generosity and hard work to fund the purchase of these materials from Kindy to Year 6. We look forward to our teaching and learning with these materials.

Wishing all families a very happy second week of school.

Please feel very welcome to contact me by phone or email.

Dr Carmel Bochenek

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